Our home is an island on the mainland surrounded by rugged coastal mountains and glaciers of the the Chugach, the expansive alluvial Copper River Delta, protected waters of the Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. This slender strip of mountainous rainforest and wetlands provides us with healthful clean air, pure water and abundant resources. Come for a visit and be prepared to tune out the chaos – we haven’t got any traffic lights, billboards, box stores or fast food!

We are born high in the mountains where ice grinds rocks into dust, where minerals are carried to the sea in great abundance, and where the elements supply the fundamental building blocks to sustain a beautifully wild ecosystem. Our home is Alaska. We are Alaska Glacial Essentials.

Lauren Padawer
Founder, Alaska Glacial Essentials Skincare

I first experienced the therapeutic and softening qualities of glacial minerals on a wilderness rafting trip down the Copper River. We stopped to have lunch and spy on brown bears fishing for wild salmon on the other side of the river. Surrounded by all the magic of the river, my friends and I took a dip in the inviting glacial pools. Our feet immediately sank into deep buttery mud and we proceeded to cover our bodies, pretending to be a guests at the most wild spa in the world. The divine sensation of the silky mud and ensuing soft skin started my journey to discover the power of the plants and minerals to heal and detoxify skin.

I have been an entrepreneur, activist and beauty minimalist since my early teens. I knew toxins in our water, food and what we put in our skin were leaving a legacy of waste in our rivers and oceans. At 28 years old, I launched Alaska Glacial Mud Co. with natural and purifying glacial clay facial masks and mineral soap bars for luxurious weekly self-care and daily cleansing. However as I grew older, so did my skin care needs – aging skin demands more daily hydration and nourishment. I’d always envisioned expanding the line and knew the skin care market was crowded with choices. If the future of Alaska Glacial included more products, I felt they had to be really innovative – made with glacier water and glacial minerals combined with wild and potent Alaska botanical ingredients delivered in exceptional results-driven formulas.

I reached out to several cosmetic chemists over the years who were intimidated by the high mineral content in glacier water and felt it was too complicated. In 2010, I was contacted by a fellow Alaskan and cosmetic chemist, Charlie Kim, Founder and Formulator of Alaska Dream Co. based in South Korea, who was looking to source Alaska glacial mineral clay in his products. We struck a friendship and as it turned out he had been spending several years researching and developing an exceptional line of Alaska glacial water skincare products. I shared my product development goals with him and with his help, new Alaska Glacial products became a reality. In 2019, I began transforming Alaska Glacial Mud Co. into Alaska Glacial Essentials Skincare and in 2020 launched the new Glacier Collection of facial care products, which includes a cleanser, toner, serum and cream formulated with mineral-rich Alaska glacier water, wild Alaska botanicals and results-driven delivery systems based on advanced Korean skincare research. These products combine the best of K-beauty formulations with with bioavailable mineral-rich glacier water and wildly potent botanicals from Alaska (including blueberries, lingonberries chaga mushroom and lupine seed oil) and well known functional ingredients like squalane, resveratrol and hyaluronic acids to heal, protect and defend skin for life. These products combine the best of K-beauty formulations with Alaskan ingredients. We call it AK-Beauty!

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From ingredients, to packaging, harvesting and manufacturing, our commitment is both to your skin and Earth’s skin.

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We are inextricable linked to the Copper River and the wild salmon that connects us all, from river to sea.

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