Heal, Protect and Defend

Our products are designed to heal, protect and defend your skin leaving it cleansed, primed, toned, nourished and moisturized for your next adventure. You can count on us to provide safe and effective products to help you achieve and maintain healthy glowing skin.

Wild and
Potent Botanicals

Due to the high latitude and shorter growing season, arctic and sub-arctic plants have adapted impressive phytonutrients to protect themselves from intense sunlight and freezing in sub-zero temperatures. These same plants provide potent antioxidants and immunoprotective properties to protect and soothe skin. We sustainably harvest and source horsetail, nettle, blueberry, chaga mushroom, yarrow and kelp extracts, as well as lingonberry and lupine seed oils.


Alaska Glacier Clay

We hand-harvest mineral-rich glacial clay from the Copper River Delta, one of the most prolific and mineralogically diverse glacial deposits in the world, where nearly 100 million tons of buttery glacial mud deposits itself on the expansive delta each year from remote glaciers, America’s tallest peaks and the largest subpolar icefield in the world. Pure minerals that have been in Mother Nature’s factory for over 10,000 years.

From sources of both sedimentary and metamorphic rock, our glacial clay contains over 60 nourishing major and trace elements, including Mg, Cu, Z, S, Ag, Si, Ca, Na, K and Fe that promote anti-aging, exfoliate, detoxify, nourish and soften skin.

Alaska Glacial always pledges to use the most sustainable methods for harvesting without the use of heavy equipment or mechanical techniques. We use good old-fashioned 5 gallon buckets and spade shovels. We often harvest less than 1% of our permitted resource. To paint a picture of the abundance, we harvest less than a drop in the bucket, so to speak!

Alaska Glacial Water

While most personal care products are made with ground water that has gone through an energy intensive purification process of removing toxins, our products are made with pure Alaska glacier water. Conventional water purification methods strip water of its structure and mineral content, causing it to become acidic, mineral void, and bio-chemically aggressive. The water is left empty and seeks to extract minerals and re-balance itself from whatever living system it occupies, including our skin.

Alaska glacier water is naturally free of toxins and man-made substances and contains a unique profile of minerals and trace elements provided by Mother Nature, along with ideal measures of total dissolved solids, alkalinity and dissolved oxygen. This perfect and natural balance is the foundation for all animals and humans to thrive on a cellular level.

Unlike biochemically treated distilled or purified water, Alaska glacier water’s molecular structure is ionized and uninterrupted. The complex structure is composed of layered ring-like hexagonal units in crystalline tetrahedron shapes that mimics that of skin cells. Glacial water is full of minerals and is uniquely suited to provide superior hydration and help nutrients transfer on a cellular level. Much like a crystal, its active polarizing molecules archive and transfer information (including light and sound) that allow actives to penetrate skin and resonate with energetic vibrations of cells to boost skin hydration and vitality.

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From ingredients, to packaging, harvesting and manufacturing, our commitment is both to your skin and Earth’s skin.

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Our feet immediately sank into deep buttery mud and we proceeded to cover our bodies, as if we were guests at the most wild spa in the world.

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