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Yes! We started in 2006 making glacial mineral mud masks and soaps made with Alaska glacial mud , but in 2020 we expanded to include a variety of skincare products made with Alaska glacier water, so we decided ALASKA GLACIAL ESSENTIALS more broadly encompassed our glacial mineral-based products. Our legal name is still Alaska Glacial Mud Co. LLC.

Yes, we are located is Cordova, Alaska which is located along the Southcentral coast about 150 miles ESE of Anchorage in the Chugach Mountains sandwiched between the Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta.

Alaska Glacial Essentials manufactures pure glacier-derived natural skincare and selfcare products by combining the most potent Alaska botanicals and raw glacial minerals Powered by Mother Nature with premium functional ingredients to help combat signs of aging, reduce stress and achieve radiant, glowing skin.

All products have been carefully formulated with result-driven delivery systems rooted in Korean research. We call it AK-beauty, where the best skincare research in the world meets the purest ingredients from Mother Nature.

Yes! We are a B Corporation that believes business can be a positive force for communities and the planet. As a B Corp, we maintain the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. We have incorporated philanthropy into our bylaws and are legally bound to donate 2% of revenues or 10% of net profits (whichever is greater)to vetted nonprofits. In a highly unregulated industry, we’re proud to have achieved the prestigious B Corp status.

Our Products

Alaska glacial mineral mud is sustainably hand-harvested from the Copper River Delta, the largest contiguous wetland on the Pacific Coast of North America. The Copper River deposits nearly 100 million tons of the pristine sediment annually. Fewer than 2,000 residents live in the Copper River Watershed, which drains an area of 17 million acres or 69,000 sq kilometers. Our glacial sediment harvest is a “drop in the bucket” for this river’s volume.

purifying mask helps draw toxins from the skin, absorb excess oils, and exfoliate dead cells. Because of its high mineral content and moisturizing effect, Alaska glacial masks help nourish the skin. The texture of the mud is a natural exfoliant, microdermabrasion and skin softener. It has been touted for its healing properties among Natives along the Pacific Northwest coast. Lest we forget the rtital iself - a time to pamper yourself and take a break. It is difficult to do much more than sip tea or wine while waiting for your mask to dry. Set an intention for this ritual, perhaps loving and nurturing your skin.

Glacial mineral mud contains over 60 major and trace elements. Among them, Mg, Cu, Z, S, Ag, Si, Ca, Na, K and Fe are known benefactors for skin. The top minerals are quartz, feldspar (microcline and albite), calcite, dolomite, hornblende, muscovite, biotite, chlorite, montmorrillonite and smectite. The approximate abundance of each of these phases varies according to the particle size of the material analyzed: quartz is more abundant in the coarser glacial silt size fractions while montmorillonite and smectite are more abundant in the finer glacial clay size particles.

Our glacial clay is the most mineral-rich and odor-free mud on th market. It is sustainably hand-harvested in a freshwater environment on the Copper River Delta in Southcentral Alaska. The Copper River drains five distinct mountain ranges that have volcanic and metamorphic origins, giving a more mineralogically diverse profile than other glacial mineral clays/mud available.

As compared to other muds used for skincare, our glacial mud is an incredibly rih source of minerals. It is most similar to Dead Sea Mud in color, particle size and macro minerals, but he major differences are that; it is harvested in a freshwater environment and, it contains no odor and does not require desalination or deoderization before being used in a formulated product unlike most Dead Sea muds, which are washed to remove odor and high salt content leaving trace minerals lost in the fl product.

No, however we source certified organic and wild-crafted ingredients wherever possible in our ingredient decks. The “certified organic” label only applies to plant-based ingredients. All of our products are primarily mineral-based and there is no "cetified organic" label for mineral-based ingredients, including clay and water.

So how do we create a standard for personal care products and nutraceuticals that contain non-agricultural ingredients such as waterand clay minerals since they simply exist in nature? The beauty business is a bit like the Wild West and there’s no policing on the term “pure minerals”. It is necessary for consumers and the media to question the origin and sustainability of mineral based cosmetics.

Yes, our products are gluten-free.

Yes, all of our products are vegan except for our Glacial Miner Soap Bar, which contains goat's milk.

Yes, all of our products are cruelty-free and have never been tested for safety on animals. As part of our Leaping Bunny certification, we’ve also implemented a supplier monitoring system to ensure that ingredients we purchase are never connected to animal testing.


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Yes, we ship to the U.S., Canada and rest of the world.