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Amazonite Gua Sha Lifting Tool

Amazonite Gua Sha Lifting Tool

Elevate your skin care routine and home spa experience with this rare fish-shape Amazonite gua sha facial lifting tool. Gua sha practice is the darling of our skin and selfcare routine and has been practiced in traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Using light or deep pressure, achieve a lifting effect, reduce tension, boost circulation, diminish fine lines.

We love the fish shape contours including the length of the longest side, the points on the tail, the V-shape inside the tail and the head of the fish to use on pressure points and match contours of the face.

  • Besides boosting circulation and creating a youthful glow in the skin, gua sha has immense benefits.
    • Relieve head, jaw and neck tension
    • Improve muscle tone and lift facial skin to reduce wrinkles
    • Reduce puffiness
    • Relieve stress and fatigue
    • Flush toxins
    • Can be used on any area of the body
    • Comes with flannel travel bag
  • amazonite stone
    Amazonite Stone: 100% genuine fair-trade Amazonite stone. Amazonite is a powerful heart chakra stone, helping to release toxic emotions. It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health. Each gua sha measures approximately 1.5 x 4.7 inches (3.8 x 11.9cm). Due to natural variations in stone, everyone is beautifully unique in pattern and color. We do not artificially dye or treat the stone.

    flannel pouch travel pouch
    Cotton Flannel Bag: 100% organic cotton minimalist drawstring pouch perfect for travel.
  • Weekly Routine
    For visible results, use gua sha with cream or facial oil morning or night, 3-5x per week.  Using light or deep pressure, follow contours of face starting from the center and working outward.  For more information, read our blog post.

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how to gua sha 101 guasha tutorial

How does it work?

With facial gua sha, the goal is to simply energize the muscles and fascia of the face, and use pressure from center towards ears to improve lymphatic drainage and flush out toxins and stagnation. Read more about how to use the fish-shape gua sha in our blog post here.

There are no rules for how often to do gua sha. However for visible results, we recommend doing guasha 3- 5 times per week. Once you have your desired results you can maintain them by doing gua sha 1-2 times per week or as needed.

Wash gua sha with soap and warm water. Store in flannel pouch.

Who should use it?

Gua sha is ideal for anyone looking to reduce facial/head/neck tension, relieve stress, reduce puffiness and improve skin tone.

How can I pair it?

Use gua sha with cream or facial oil morning or night, 3-5x per week.  Gua sha is ideal on warm cleansed skin.

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