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Skin Kit + Soap + Facial Oil Bundle

Skin Kit + Soap + Facial Oil

With this bundle, you'll have everything you need for a stellar daily skin routine: double cleanse, tone, nourish, moisturize and lock in all the goodness!

  • Achieve and maintain radiant glowing skin with a daily skin care routine. 
    • 2 CLEANSERS: Double cleanse with glacial mineral soap and micellar water to remove dirt and oil, unclogs pores to promote cell turnover.
    • TONER: Refresh skin, remove residual debris, balance pH and prime skin if wearing makeup. 
    • SERUM: Nourish and preserve the optimal moisture level for your skin barrier.
    • CREAM: Moisturize to replenish moisture that is lost everyday.
    • FACIAL OIL: Lock it all in with aprotective layer that keeps moisture and nutrients in and helps keep environmental stressors out, not to mention a luminous glow.
  • alaska glacial soap product
    skin kit
    day glow night magic Glacial Facial Essential Skin Kit Cleans, exfoliates and massages your skin while stimulating circulation and promoting cellular regeneration.

    Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave Handcrafted artisan cold-process bars made with high quality certified organic, sustainable and fair trade emollient oils of olive, coconut and palm and enriched with pure exfoliating and mineral-rich Alaska glacial clay and goat's milk. Perfect from head to toe!
    facial oil
    alpenglow Face + Body Ritual Oil Brighten your complexion and elevate your spirit by incorporating this luxurious oil into your skin care routine. You'll never use another face + body oil again!

  • Daily Routine
    Use the softer side of the mitt with handcrafted glacial mineral soap in the shower everyday for a satisfying deep clean to remove dirt and dead skin.
    Weekly Routine
    Use the rougher side of the mitt 2-3 per week to scrub the entire body for increased circulation and promote the excretory function of the skin. May also be used in dry brushing practice. We also like to use the bath mitt  or facial sponge to remove facial masks in the shower.
  • Skin Type: Mature / Sensitive / Oily / Acneic / Combination / Dry
Soap Scent

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How does it work?

We synergistically combine wild plants, glacial minerals and functional actives. Innovative formulations effectively deliver these bioavailable nutrients on a cellular level.


Use products daily, morning and night to 1) cleanse skin of impurities 2) tone and balance skin pH 3) nourish and 4) moisturize. Each step works together to achieve and maintain radiant skin. We also love a weekly facial mask ritual to detoxify and refine pores.  This kit includes everything you need for 2-3 weeks of a daily and weekly routine. 


We believe a simple daily skin care routine is not only good for your skin but also an important part of self care. 

Who should use it?

Great option for those beginning a new routine or seasoned skin care gurus looking to discover a new all-star lineup.

Gentle formulation make products a favorite for mature and sensitive skin types. All skin types will benefit from functional actives and nourishing hydration that is easily absorbed and acts on a cellular level.

How can I pair it?

The Day Glow Night Magic Glacial Facial Essential Skin Kit products pair well with several accessories. Use the Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds to apply both cleanser and toner. Roll on your serum luxuriously with our Glacial Glow Facial Roller or massage in cream with our Glacier Chill Gua Sha tool.  And finally use Application Brush to apply your glacial facial mask.

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