Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Anti-Aging Mud Mask

+ Hyaluronic Anti-Aging Mud Mask

This newer version of our glacial facial mask combines premium hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for anti-aging with the most mineral-rich and pure glacial clay in the world, and potent Alaska botanicals of blueberry, lingonberry and lupine. This innovative supercharged mask refines pores, hydrates skin, exfoliates, detoxifies and boosts radiance with powerful antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins to help you achieve clear, radiant skin.
    • Our mask refines pores while more than 60 nourishing major and trace elements promote healthy skin cell regeneration.
      • Glacial clay is a gentle and natural exfoliant to achieve softer, more radiant skin
      • Glacial clay particles naturally detoxify skin by absorbing toxins and excess sebum
      • Minerals provide nourishment for healthy cell turnover
      • Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide moisturize, brighten, soothe and firm
      • Blueberry, lingonberry and lupine extracts nourish and protect with powerful antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins
      • Moisturizing formulation reduces dryness and delivers hydrating and concentrated nutrients quickly
      • Gentle and pH balanced
    • Alaska glacial clay powder
      Alaska Glacial Clay: From sources of both sedimentary and metamorphic rock, our glacial silt/clay from the Copper River Delta is the most mineral-rich mud in the world, containing over 60 nourishing major and trace elements, including Mg, Cu, Z, S, Ag, Si, Ca, Na, K and Fe that absorb toxins and excess sebum, exfoliate dead skin, provide nourishing minerals and promote healthy cell regeneration for perfect natural detoxification and softer more radiant skin.

      Alaska glacier iceberg
      Alaskan Glacier Water: Full of pure high vibration minerals, ions and trace elements. Glacial water's uninterrupted molecular structure is uniquely suited to help nutrients transfer on a cellular level – improving product's ability to resonate with cells to boost skin hydration and vitality.
      Blueberry fruit extract: Antioxidants, polyphenolics and vitamin C condition skin and promote healthy cell regeneration. Also protects skin from unwanted effects of visible and infrared light, working to intercept cell damage before it takes hold.

      Lingonberry seed oil: Antioxidants, plant sterols and essential fatty acids protect and help skin retain moisture with a built-in anti-wrinkle effect that in nature keeps berries from shrinking during frosty nights, whilst retaining moisture and elasticity. Contains a high level of fatty acid omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid and gamma-tocotrienol, a natural vitamin E that smooths skin, keeping skin youthful and vibrant.

      Lupine seed oil: Contains fatty acids, peptides and vitamins that firm skin and reduce sagging while protecting against wrinkles, dryness and hyperpigmentation - leaving skin texture brighter, and freckles and age spots lighter. Carotenoids help protect skin from environmental damage. Omega-3, oleic, linoleic and erucic acids, vitamin E and amino acid lysine penetrate, moisturize, calm, repair and strengthen skin barrier.

      Full Ingredients
      alaska glacier mineral clay^
      alaskan glacier mineral water^
      vegetable glycerin*
      vaccinium angustifolium (blueberry) fruit extract^
      niacinamide (vitamin b3)
      vaccinium vitis-idaea (lingonberry) seed oil^
      lupinus albus (lupine) seed oil^
      sodium hyaluronate
      panthenol (vitamin b5)
        natural xanthan gum
      1-2 hexanediol*
      caprylyl glycol*
      aniba rosaeodora (rosewood) oil
      disodium edta. *plant-derived
      **certified organic
    • Weekly Routine
      Apply an even layer to cleansed, dry skin. Allow 15 minutes to dry, but may be left on overnight or used as a spot treatment.Rinse using warm wet towel or a facial sponge. Use 1-4x week for oily/combination skin and 1x week for sensitive/dry skin. 

      We love removing our masks in the shower with the sft side of the \Supracor Spacells Honeycomb Facial Sponge or Stimulite Honeycomb Dual-Sided Bath Mitt. 

      For all skin types.
    • Skin Type: Mature / Sensitive / Oily / Acneic / Combination / Dry

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How does it work?

This mask absorbs toxins and excess sebum, exfoliates dead skin, nourishes new skin and promotes healthy cell regeneration.

Nutrients in blueberry extract, lingonberry and lupine seed oil nourish and protect skin by preventing the breakdown of elastin and collagen, protecting from unwanted effects of visible and infrared light and other environmental damage, and improving cell regeneration to help repair skin.

Adenosine, niacinamide, hydroxyacetophenone and blueberry extract soothe sensitive and acneic skin. Niacinamide also improves skin texture by smoothing and brightening while panthenol aids in wound healing.

Glycerin, lupine seed oil, rosewood oil and panthenol moisturize skin while hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000x its weight in water and helps skin hold moisture after removing mask.

Who should use it?

Natural and gentle formula makes this detoxifying and anti-aging mask a favorite for mature and sensitive skin types. All skin types will benefit from functional actives and nourishing hydration that is easily absorbed and acts on a cellular level.

How can I pair it?

Use 1-2x week for normal-combination-dry skin and up to 4x week for oily skin. Apply mask after after cleanser and before toner. Follow with serum and/or cream for daily protection.

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