Experience Glacial Mineral Spa Treatments For Yourself

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spa mud treatment

Spa treatments with Alaska glacial minerals naturally detoxify, soften and nourish skin. Alaska glacial clay from the Copper River is the most mineral rich mud on Earth!

Glacial clay from the Copper River contains over 60 major and trace elements. Read on to find glacial mineral spa treatments geared towards clearer skin, restoring skin balance and relaxing therapies.

Greenhouse Spa and Salons Aboard Alaska Holland-America   Cruises

One Spa World operates spas on board over 16 luxury cruise lines around the world including seven Greenhouse Spa and Salons on Holland-America ships in Alaska. Cruise in awe and luxury and experience the Alaska Glacial Mud Detoxifying Body Wrap and the Alaska Purifying Glacial Facial Treatment along the way!

Alaska Cruise spa Holland-America Koningsdam

Spa Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah

If you find yourself in Park City and in need of some self care, try a Copper River glacial mud detoxifying body treatment follweed by a copper tube soak!

Spa Montage Deer Valley

The LINQ Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada

From the Himalayan Salt Cave to Alaska Glacial body treatments, The Spa at The LINQ provides a relaxing, one-of-a-kind experience. This full-service spa offers a variety of sublime treatments, as well as whirlpools, steam rooms, a 24/7 fitness center, and a salon.

glacial clay mud mask body treatment

Deer Lake Lodge Spa Resort in Houston, Texas

Take time to visit @deerlakelodgetx Nestled in the woods north of Houston, Deer Lake Lodge Spa Resort is a beautiful place to heal, unwind from stress and restore yourself inside and out.

detox facial

Adagio Day Spa in Anchorage, Alaska

Treat yourself to an oasis of wellness in downtown Anchorage. Relax here with a broad spa service menu including the Alaska Glacial facial. This facial features the timeless decadence of a rich and creamy Arctic mud used to exfoliate, detoxify and soften the skin. The organic and wild crafted botanical extracts in the mud are chosen for their skin-softening and anti-aging properties.

detoxifying glacial facial treatment 

Lake Opechee Inn & Spa in Lakeport, New Hampshire

Take time to visit @deerlakelodgetx Nestled in the woods north of Houston, Deer Lake Lodge Spa Resort is a beautiful place to heal, unwind from stress and restore yourself inside and out.

Lake Opechgee Alaska glacial mud mask facial treatment


You can locate a spa near you with our Spa/Retail Locator.

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