Self-Care For the Rest of Us

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Self-Care For the Rest of Us

These days we all hear a lot of talk about how important self-care is for overall well-being. But those who are busy, or on a tight budget, may see self-care as just another luxury that is out of their reach. Self-care isn’t supposed to be about luxuries, however–and especially not about luxuries available only to the fortunate few. Rather, it has to do with pursuing practices that will make you feel healthier, more at peace, and positive about yourself. Self-care shouldn’t be thought of as an obligation, either. Think of it as little gifts that you give yourself, precisely because you are worth it. Here are some simple self-care reminders for the budget-conscious, brought to you by Alaska Glacial Essentials Skincare.

Make sure you stay hydrated.

Have you had a glass of water lately? If not, now would be a good time to go get one and drink up! But sometimes a simple glass of water doesn’t cut it.  Instead try warm water with lemon, or a little herbal tea pick-me-up like Yogi Perfect Energy Raspberry Passion Tea. Sometimes dehydration is masked as hunger, when you feel hungry but know you’ve recently eaten, try  hydrating first!  Beverages other than water like coconut water, herbal teas, and vegetable juices can keep you hydrated while satisfying your taste buds. Keeping hydrated is also important for your skin health, so consider a quick toning mist or hydrating facial mask to compliment your routine.

Take a break for a little physical exercise.

When you think of exercise as an obligation, it’s hard to see how it can be self-care. So instead think of it as something that will make you feel better. What are some ways of staying active that you enjoy?  Exercise releases endorphins that can actually improve your mood and help you sleep better.  At first exercise might seem like something you should do, but I  never heard of anyone who regretted a bike ride or time at the gym!  Find ways of staying active that you enjoy? Take a little time to incorporate them into your daily routine. If an exercise feels like self-punishing, don’t do it — rather, find an activity that feels fun. This could vary depending on your individual preferences. Some may enjoy more strenuous routines like HIIT or weight training, others might prefer dance, taking a walk outside, cross-country skiing or yoga stretches.

Allow yourself some time to do nothing at all.

Feeling that we must be constantly be productive is draining and stressful. Sometimes we need to let ourselves just be still and present in the moment. Meditation and stretching can help you to decompress from the worries of the day. Try some at-home music therapy to feel more calm, relaxed, and positive. You could also sample different breathing exercises for muscle relaxation and see which works for releasing tension and embracing stillness.

Use screen time for self-care.

We’re using screens all day for work and more of it is not always the best medicine, but using screentime to unwind can also be very intentional and positive. Yes, you still need to make sure you unplug and walk away from your device, but when you do get online, use that time intentionally. You could watch a TED Talk, learn gardening techniques, and cooking shows. You could even take a little screen time to start learning a new language. And yes, even watching funny cat videos can be part of a self-care routine.

Focus on getting sufficient sleep.

Many adults in the United States are perpetually sleep-deprived, and this is hard on both our mental and our physical well-being. Unfortunately, we can’t magically multiply the number of hours in the day (or night) – but there are ways we can increase and improve our sleep time. Cutting down on the evening use of devices is one way.  Many people find reading before bed the best precursor to a restful sleep.  Still yet, a night time myfascial facial massage not only relaxes the head, neck and jaw but can relieve tension that contributes to age lines resulting in younger looking skin.  Try facial rolling or guasha techniques with powerful anti-anxiety Amazonite tools from Alaska Glacial Essentials Skincare.

If you have been working hard and stressing over money, self-care is especially important. At Alaska Glacial Essentials Skincare, we know that when you practice self-care rituals without overspending this will help you feel more confident and enable you better to pursue your goals and feel good about doing so.

Written in collaboration with Emma Grace Brown.

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